Retro Reaction

Retro Reaction @ Coastal Comic Con

Retro Reaction

Retro Reaction provides a unique gaming experience of retro and modern gaming systems. From childhood favorites to indie games to rare one off’s, we have something for everyone. This free to play game room features 30+ systems including our custom-built arcade. Playing solo or with friends, you're sure to find an old favorite or something new.

With a large variety of gaming consoles from our personal collection, you can play your way through the history of modern gaming going as far back as the Nintendo Entertainment System to as modern as the Nintendo Switch. Along the way discover obscure games or your tried-and-true classics. There's something for everyone!

Have a specific childhood favorite you want to play? Ask at the staff table and we will help you find what you are looking for. Some consoles have more information and a schedule of featured games to provide a different experience throughout the weekend, so you always have something new to come back to throughout each day.

What makes Retro Reaction amazing???

Large game room with room for 100+ players able to play at once!


Our custom multicade featuring thousands of classics and up to 4-player support!

  • Xbox: All consoles up to the Xbox One!
  • Sony: A solid offering from the PlayStation 3 and 4!
  • Nintendo: A solid selection with NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, Wii, and Switch all present!
  • SEGA: An arrangement of games on the Genesis, Saturn, and Dreamcast!


  • 8 player Smash Ultimate throughout the weekend (All DLC!)
  • 8-Player Saturn Bomberman on a massive projector!
  • 8-player Duck Game!
  • Just Dance on Xbox One Kinect!
  • And many more unique and interesting games!

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